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Passion: What Does It Mean

Passion: What Does It Mean


God's plan was more brilliant than we can imagine! This revelatory book shows why Jesus' PASSION and humiliation had to be so horrific. The beatings, whippings, mockings and every agonizing moment of His PASSION, from Gethsemane to the resurrection, had purpose and significance for our lives.

THE PASSION: WHAT DOES IT MEAN? is a powerful expose revealing who is really responsible for Jesus' death and why. It explains the true meaning behind the crown of thorns and graphically illuminates the necessity and power of Jesus' shed blood.


Dr. Bree M. Keyton wrote the powerful truths contained in this book after the heavenly Father showed her a vision of Jesus receiving His stripes before He went to the cross, and spoke to her to write the four dramatic works. THORNS for healing of our minds. THE BLOOD for salvation. STRIPES for healing our bodies. NAILS for our deliverance.

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