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Bree is so very thankful to each and every one of you that have become partners with this ministry. A partner becomes a 'partaker' of the heavenly vision, through giving and prayer.

If you have not yet become a partaker, pray about becoming one. When you give into this ministry, you become part of the rescue missions to the Congo. 80,000 Pygmies now know our Savior and have become the Pygmy bride of our Messiah. Partakers share in the blessing of the harvest of souls, and in helping Bree spread the good news to many across this nation and around the world. Your help makes this possible.
If you are not already a Partner and would like to help, through financial support or through prayer support, please contact Bree.
If you would like to make a One-Time Gift offering to help the ministry, you may use your credit card by typing in the amount of your offering below. You could also become a Monthly Partner and make a commitment to give for 12 months.

Become a Partner or make a Donation. We appreciate your support.